We at Jobs4Bidder,

-need the 'job seeker' to upload their resumes and provide with their salary bids only on 'hourly' basis if possible.

-will only provide your information given in the form. We don't take any guarantee on how much the employer will pay the employee after the she/he is selected for the job as they will be allowed to negotiate with you but it is the job-seeker who will have the final say here.

-are not responsible for the employer to contact you directly about the job inquiries you make.


-feel that the highest bidder neither the lowest bidder will always get the job interview's but the candidate with the best resume/experience will be selected.


-will keep the bids secured and are not open for public at this point.


-reserve the right to refuse/cancel a 'job seeker' account if circumstances require us to do so. The account holder will be informed in this situation.

-will not release information about any employers

-understands that the 'job seeker' reserves the right to apply either through 
company website or even via 'Jobs4Bidder'

-will ask 'job seeker' to bid properly and take proper pre-caution on what information is provided to

the employer.